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NESST Pályázati Felhívás

A NESsT Vállalkozási Alap aktuális pályázati felhívása. Beadási határidő: 2007. április 20.

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We are pleased to announce the "2007 NESsT Social Enterprise
Competition" with the aim of supporting the development of social
enterprises in Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. To this end, we are
inviting the participation of all civil society organizations (CSOs) in
Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia that are interested in assessing
the viability of launching or expanding social enterprises activities
(including any CSO who already has a business plan or a functioning
social enterprise).

The 2007 NESsT Social Enterprise Competition is a part of NESsT's
ongoing process to develop social enterprises in Central Europe and is
made possible thanks to the generous support of the Citigroup Foundation
and the voluntary support of Citi employees in Czech Republic, Hungary
and Slovakia.

1. Social Enterprise Definition
For the purpose of the competition, NESsT defines social enterprise as
those self-financing strategies that:

- are designed to sell a product or service in a systematic, responsible
and professional manner
- require previous evaluation and planning
- are geared towards generating sustainable income that help to further
the CSO's mission.

2. Competition Process
In the attached document titled "NESsT Venture Fund (NVF)" you will find
more information about the NVF process and selection criteria. Selected
CSOs will, with the cooperation and assistance of the NESsT Team, work
their way through a process in which their performance will be assessed
at each stage to determine if they can advance to the next stage. The
main stages of the NVF process are:

Stage 1: Organizational Readiness for the self-financing activity and a
pre-feasibility study of one or two ideas initially proposed
Stage 2: Feasibility study of the social enterprise idea (or of the
expansion of an already existing social enterprise)
Stage 3: Elaboration of a Business Plan for the implementation/
expansion of the social enterprise

CSOs that already have a social enterprise business plan or are already
operating a social enterprise are encouraged to apply but will be
evaluated on a case by case basis against competition criteria in order
to determine in which stage of the process they belong.

3. Competition Awards
NESsT and Citigroup Foundation will present three final awards (one each
for Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia) to recognize the best
completed business plan from each country. Each award recipient will
receive a package of resources to assist with launching their respective
social enterprise activities, including a US$10,000 grant and on-going
consulting support from NESsT.

4. Competition Applications
Those CSOs interested in the competition should complete the attached
Application Form and send it to NESsT via e-mail. We will then contact
directly the organizations short-listed on the basis of their
Applications. We will then set up meetings in order to gather additional
information and get to know their team and proposals in more detail.
With this information, NESsT together with local business advisors and
employees of Citigroup in Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, will
decide which organizations will be invited to continue in the process
and to participate in the launch workshop scheduled to take place in April,

The application deadline is April 20. Applications must be sent to

We invite you to learn more about NESsT at our website: www.nesst.org.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further inquiries. We
would also appreciate if you would transmit this invitation to whoever
else it may concern, particularly among your contact network.

Yours sincerely,

Eva Varga
Enterprise Development Director, Europe
NESsT Venture Fund
Budapest, HUNGARY

For further information please contact information: SZOLGA Ildikó, NESsT
1053 Budapest Kálvin tér 2. 1/2.
Tel.: (1) 267 0231
Fax: (1) 266-0206
E-mail: iszolga@nesst.org
Internet: www.nesst.org

Application form (doc)
Brochure (pdf)

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