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CECOP is the European Confederation of Producers' and Workers'
Co-operatives, Social Co-operatives, Social and Participative
Enterprises. CECOP members are national federations of co-operatives;
together they represent over 1 million workers. CECOP was established in
1979 in order to provide a voice for those types of co-operatives at the
European level. CECOP also hosts and manages the secretariat of CICOPA,
the sectoral organisation of the International Cooperative Alliance for
industrial, service and artisan producers' cooperatives.

Position : Policy officer
Main tasks: the policy officer will work directly with the general
secretary, and mainly on the following aspects:
Lobby EU institutions, especially DG Employment and Social Affairs (in
particular social inclusion and social dialogue units), DG Enterprise
(in particular cooperative unit), DG Internal Market (in particular
services directorate), the European Parliament (in particular its social
economy inter-group), the European Economic and Social Committee (in
particular its social economy category) , especially on the following
- the recognition of our value -based enterprise model, and of its role
in poverty-alleviation, social inclusion, sustainable employment, local
and regional development
- policies on cooperatives, services of general interest, labour
law/flexsecurity, SME policies, public procurement policies, policies on
industry and on services etc.
- Promote the participation of and mutual exchanges among the members of
the confederation (website, weekly e mailing, information on EU policy
issues, internal consultation, animation of virtual thematic forums,
participation in the organisation of institutional meetings)
- Interactive work with members, including through training, on EU
policies, in particular social inclusion / social protection policies
and OMC (open method of coordination), and all the enterprise-related
policies that are relevant to our sector,
- Work on the implement ation of existing cooperative standards and on
the elaboration of international standards of social cooperatives and
social enterprises
- Development (survey of members' projects, coherence between members'
projects and CECOP lobbying strategy, promotion of financial instruments
and best practice, contact with NGOs etc)
- Participate in the activities of the joint CECOP / CICOPA secretariat
- Maintain regular contact with other European organisations, including
cooperative and social economy organisations, civil society
organisations, and in particular with organisations of which CECOP is a
member, as well as with the trade unions.
- Take part in the drafting of a series of electronic and paper
documents (social coops, public procurement, structural funds, financial
instruments etc).

On the skills and experience required and other details please visit the
CECOP website: http://www.cecop.coop/article.php3?id_article=650

Deadline for applications: 29 February 2008

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