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2012. februárjában kell annak az önkéntesnek az olaszországi Palermoba utaznia, aki részt akar venni az Apriti Cuore szocális programjában hátrányos helyzetű gyerekeket támogató önkéntes programjában.

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Network Europeo per il volontariato sociale - European Network for social volunteering


Due to the sudden withdrawal of a selected candidate, the Italian association "Apriti cuore" is urgently looking for one EVS volunteer willing to stay in Palermo, Italy for one year starting in february 2012.


Apriti Cuore is accredited as hosting EVS organization with number 2010-IT-29



Description of the project

The project will involve 4 EVS volunteers over a period of 12 months in the city and the Province of Palermo. They will be involved in the activities of the Association “Apriticuore” dealing with the management of different community-houses for kids, boys and girls in need of social assistance (victims of abuses and violences, young offenders in probation period, handicaped people, minor immigrants and asylum seekers, etc) and also in one community for adults with handicap.

All the communities, and therefore the whole EVS project, are run in co-operation and under the supervision of different public authorities, in charge of monitoring and ensure high qualitative standar, child protection procedures, educational and psycological assistance to the kids and teenagers living hosted in the communities.

EVS volunteers will get involved in the activities of the Organization in order to stimulate both their cognitive and emotional level. Together with the mentor and the full staff of the Association volunteers will get involved in a path that provide step by step technical information, cultural knowledge, skills and operational capacities and, above all, will develop and improve the so called “transversal capabilities” that are essential part of a work with a strong social impact and environment.



Volunteers will support the work of the different communities, bringing the international and inter-cultural dimension to the work done by the staff of the association.

Volunteers will support the running life of each community (in the ones for kids, by organizing leisure time, helping them in school tasks, organizing trips, etc.). In the community for handicapped adults, volunteers will help in the management of all activities (helping with organizing leisure time, helping in feeding the handicapped people, organizing handy workshops, etc.)


Selection criteria

Strong motivation in working with disadvantaged youth. Availability to spend part of the service (2-3 months) out of the city of Palermo and in small village. Previous experience in social work.

Availability to work with disable people assisting them in all everyday life needs.

In case the volunteer do not yet speak Italian, also a big patience is required since the first time can be stresfful.

In the beginning of the service, the impact with the communities can be hard due to facing daily difficulties of the people living in the communities with their problems, but all volunteers who have been there had an extremely enriching, motivating and emotionally fulfilling experience.

We make selection based first on CV and motivation letter, than we run a phone or skype interview.

Basic knowledge of Italian is considered helpful but is not compulsory.


Financial conditions

Volunteers live all together in a big apartment in the city centre, in double or single rooms plus some common spaces. All apartment related costs are covered by the hosting project.

Each volunteer receive an italian language course for at least 4 months. Both a mentor and a tutor will support volunteers.
Each month the volunteer receive 125 euro for food, plus 115 euro as monthly allowance. General basic food is also provided every two months (pasta, milk, rice, biscuits, jam, etc...)


How to candidate

Interested candidates must send their CV and specific motivation letter by the 29th of October in the evening and must be ready for a phone or skype interview (please provide your skype account in the CV) to be run on the 30 and/or the 31 of October.

The project will be submitted on the 2nd of November (1 is national holiday in Italy).


Candidature is to be send to p.galluccio @ informa-giovani.org (delete the space before and after the @)

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