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for Enlargement Communication Strategy issued by The Delegation of the European Commission to Hungary

1. Publication reference
Enlargement Communication Strategy Grant scheme

2. Programme and Financing source
Communication Strategy 2003 programme

3. Nature of activities, geographical area and project duration

The Delegation launches this grant scheme in order to finance activities under the following components:

1) Audiovisual programmes
2) Youth information
3) Support to the Media
4) Support for cultural programmes, events
5) Information activities for specific target groups

(b) Geographical area: Activities must take place in Hungary
(c) Maximum project duration: the projects should be finished by 31 August 2004. No extension will be granted.
The planned starting date of the projects is 1 March 2004.

4. Overall amount available for this Call for Proposals
Overall amount available is EURO 400.000 Euro. For each component the available budget is 80.000 Euro.
The contracting authority reserves the right not to award all available funds and to reallocate funds between the components in case of lower/higher demand for one component.

5. Maximum and minimum grant amounts
Any grant awarded under this programme must fall between the following minimum and maximum amounts:
minimum amount: EUR 8.000
maximum amount: EUR 30.000

In addition, no grant may exceed 90% of the total eligible costs of the action in case the applicant is a single non-profit organisation, and 50% if in case of partnership any partner in the partnership is a profit-oriented entity or the applicant is one of the following profit oriented organisations: newspapers, periodicals, TV stations, radio stations, independent audiovisual producers (see also section 2.1.4).
The balance must be financed from the applicant's or partners' own resources, or from sources other than the European Community budget.

6. Number of grants to be awarded

7. Eligibility: Who may apply
Applicants can apply individually and in partnership. For further details, please see point 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 of the Guidelines for applicants.

8. Provisional notification date of results of the award process
30 days after the deadline for submission of applications.

9. Award criteria
Please check point 2.3 of the Guidelines for the applicants.

10. Application format and details to be provided
Applications must be submitted using the standard application form attached to the Guidelines for Applicants mentioned in item 12, whose format and instructions must be strictly observed. For each application, one signed original and five copies must be supplied by the applicant. The applications should be submitted in English.

11. Deadline for applications
There will be one deadline for the submission of applications: 15 January 2004, 16.00 pm.
Any application received after the deadline will be automatically rejected even if the postmark indicates a date preceding the deadline or if the delay is due to the private courier service or any other cause including force majeure.

12. Detailed information
Detailed information on this Call for Proposals is contained in the "Guidelines for Applicants", which are published together with this notice on the Internet Web site of the Delegation: http://eudelegation.hu .
Any questions regarding this Call for Proposals should be sent by fax of the Delegation to the name of Ms Orsolya Hamar to the following fax number: (1) 466-4221 indicating the reference of the call for proposal.

Further information: http://www.eudelegation.hu

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