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International Fellowship Programme

The Robert Bosch Foundation, together with the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation, the Bernhard van Leer Foundation, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, the German Federal Foundation for the Environment and the Trust for Civil Society in CEE, is pleased to announce the launch and the first call for applications of the International Fellowship Programme for Central and Eastern European Foundations and NGOs.

Within the International Fellowship Programme (IFP), staff members of CEE foundations and other NGOs will spend a working stay in another European institution of the Third Sector, usually a foundation. The fellowships are aimed at candidates of medium or senior management levels with a minimum professional experience of five years. They will last between four and twelve weeks, with a clear preference for stays longer than four weeks. The first round of fellowships is scheduled for April to June/July 2005, up to ten fellowships are available. There is a participation fee of 150 Euro per fellow.

In the initial phase, the IFP is open for staff of foundations and NGOs in five countries: the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.The new deadline for individual applications, which need the backing of the home institution, is 23 February, 2005.

Interested persons from countries outside this target area are very welcome to inform us in short about their interest. The funding partners appreciate this feedback, because they are eager to develop and improve the programme and to take the real needs into consideration. But please do not send us an application for 2005 if your profile does not meet the criteria which we haveestablishedfor the initial phase.

Complete information about the International Fellowship Programme, as well as contact data and the relevant application forms, are available at

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