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The Convention

The European Women's Lobby (EWL) would like to invite you to join us in our policy advocacy activities in relation to the "Convention on the Future of Europe".

All Candidate countries as well as Member States are represented in the Convention. The mobilisation of women's NGOs across Europe is therefore important at this stage in order to push for a stronger gender perspective in EU policies.

Before all the members of the Convention were appointed, we widely circulated our lobbying action for having more women members nominated to the Convention. Despite our joint efforts there are unfortunately only 19 women members (total no of members are 118). At this stage the Convention has started its proceedings, and meet regularly to discuss different issues for the future of the European Union. The EWL is closely monitoring the process at EU-level, and putting forward recommendations from a gender equality perspective.

In order to input into the work of the Convention, the EWL has drafted a position paper in relation to the development of the EU treaties and policies. This paper summarises some key demands from a gender equality perspective. In view of the plenary meetings of the Convention, the EWL also produces short beifings, which outlines the gender perspective on the specific issues on the agenda.

For position and briefing papers of EWL please contact:

Malin Björk
Policy officer
European Women's Lobby
E-mail: bjork@womenlobby.org
Internet: www.womenlobby.org

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